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Suzanne Somers Explosive Medical Sercrets that will redifine aging: I Just Turned 65,and I'm excited about it. Never thought I'd feel this upbeat about my age that many keep secret.Like so many people, a couple of decades ago, before I "saw the light," I dreaded aging. And why not? I never saw an aging person who was happy about it. My late then-ninety-year-old auntie Helen said it so well: "It sucks to get old, Sue!"And who could blame her. Once "full of bullets" as they say-energetic, mischievous, outspoken, confident, and funny-my aunt spent her last years in a nursing home, unable to perform the simple tasks of life. "The food sucks in here," she would say. "I miss being able to cook for myself." Forgetful, with unsteady feet that couldn't feel the ground from neuropathy and bones so brittle that the wrong moves could snap them in two, she was right. It sucked. article continued below

Back when I was a kid, sixty-five was ancient: Now I see it as young.But I can remember being at family weddings looking at my old aunts(in their sixties), all of whom had their legs wrapped in support hose to hide their varicose veins and swollen ankles, their feet propped high on chairs to take some of the pressure off them. They had swollen bodies and pendulous breasts, and there was a seeming sexlessness to them. Youth was gone, bones were brittle, memories were foggy;they appeared to be living back in the "I remember whens."Next, I noticed that the pills started, tackle boxes full- for memory,for blood pressure, for cholesterol, for bones. Soon they became the ones in the wheelchairs, stooped over, shaking, confused, not quite remembering who they were and, worse, not remembering who they used to be. We patted their heads, kissed them, and told them we loved them. They responded to the affection, but it could have come from anyone, because now in a haze of drugs and loss of self, just being touched and acknowledged, by anyone, felt nice.

Listen to what the experts in this book have to say on perfecting aging and follow their wise advice. Pay careful attention to the explo-sive medical secrets and groundbreaking information you will learn in Bombshell,which include: Why we age.*What the basic steps to a longer life are.*How you can avoid a catastrophic event.*Why toxins will kill you if you don't learn how to escape their deadly attack.*How environmental medicine can save your life.*How to rejuvenate your cells and balance your hormones.*What the top Bombshell foods are for longer life.*Why you are in control of not getting cancer and the steps you need to take.How to strengthen and rebuild your immune system.*Where the future-and current uses-of stem cells leads, and my journey.*How glutathione can reversing aging.*What super supplements are available for fantastic skin and hair,and healthy, clear eyes.*The new kind of doctor you'll want to visit.*Future medicine and what it promises to you today. Now Comes Lifewave Glutathione Patches Lifewave Glutathione the Master Anti-Oxidant

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What is Glutathione? Glutathione (GSH)The MasterAntioxidant Did you know glutathione is the most powerful, prevalent antioxidant in your body? Increasing your glutathione level will naturally increase your energy, detoxify your body, and will strengthen your immune system.* Improved Energy * Pain Relief * Better Sleep * Anti Aging * Weight Loss. Order lifewave glutathione patches below.

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